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Upcoming Kidz In The Hall Tour Dates!

Also labeled: Tour Dates

 Kidz In The Hall

After a successful tour throughout Canada in March and April of this year, Naledge and Double-0 will be back on the road with Canadian MC Classifed in July! This time the Kidz will be displaying their amazing live show in the states, specifically the West. Check below for the list of dates!

Date      City       Location  
7/4     Helena, MT     Lewis & Clark Fairgrounds  
7/6    Casper, WY     The Venue  
7/7    Rapid City, SD      Dublin Square 
7/8    Boulder, CO     Fox Theatre 
7/9    Denver, CO     Marquis Theater  
7/10    Colorado Springs, CO     The Black Sheep  
7/11    Ft. Collins, CO     Aggie Theater 


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Brain Candy: Kidz in the Hall feat. BJ The Chicago Kid- Playground Preview

The latest in the Brain Candy series is preparing to drop, so of course we bring you the video preview of "Playground" featuring BJ The Chicago Kid.  If you don't know about BJ you need to get familiar. Keep an eye out for "Playground" dropping VERY VERY SOON. 

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Kidz in the Hall in the Guardian


The Kidz in the Hall were featured in The Guardian, a british music editorial, speaking on a new sound in hip-hop, also featured were Kid Cudi and Chiddy Bang, here is an excerpt of the article, you can also click below for the full piece.

 Perhaps it had to happen. Pop, rock, R&B and dance music have all lifted tics and tricks from hip-hop, whose own aesthetic boundaries have been pushed back from the inside by the experimentalist likes ofOutKast and the Roots. Consequently, where hip-hop's hook-ups with other genres once seemed jarring (think the shotgun marriage of rock and rap acts on 1993's Judgment Night soundtrack), these days it's like hip-hop has overdosed on cider and black at the indie disco.

Double-O, the producer half of Chicago hip-hop duo Kidz In The Hall, whose 2009 mixtape track The Grizzly Man cannily sampled Two Weeks by Jay-Z-approved psychedelicists Grizzly Bear, feels right at home in a genre-jumbling new world that's far removed from the aural apartheid of his pre-MP3 formative years....

Double-O, the producer half of Chicago hip-hop duo Kidz In The Hall, whose 2009 mixtape track The Grizzly Man cannily sampled Two Weeks by Jay-Z-approved psychedelicists Grizzly Bear, feels right at home in a genre-jumbling new world that's far removed from the aural apartheid of his pre-MP3 formative years....


read more from the Guardian 


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Kidz In The Hall Jam Glue Contest - FLICKIN REMIX

Jamglue and Duck Down Music are excited to bring you a remix contest featuring "Flickin'" by Kidz in the Hall. Here's how you can participate:

  1. Enter the contest by creating your own version of the official contest mix. The easiest way to do this is to click the "Start Mixing Now!" button and then "SAVE A COPY" in the Mixer.
  2. Remix the song by adding new sounds, rearranging the clips, etc. using the Jamglue Mixer. You can even add your own voice using the Jamglue Recorder in the Mixer. Be creative, and don't forget to publish your mix when you're done so that people can vote for it!
  3. Promote your mix - embed it in your MySpace and email a link to all of your friends. When someone marks your mix as a Favorite, that counts as a vote, so break out your address book and encourage your friends to vote for yours!
  4. Win!!!

The Grand Prize winning remix will be chosen by Naledge and Double-O of Kidz in the Hall. The winner will get a $100 iTunes gift card.

Five Popular Vote winners will be chosen by the Jamglue community. These winners will get an autographed "Land of Make Believe" CD, as well as a Jamglue prize pack with a T-shirt and stickers. 

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GLC Talks About 'Ism' with Naledge

Also labeled: Donnis, GLC

The Kidz in the Hall, GLC & Donnis got together in Atlanta's Tree Sounds Studio to chat about a few things.  GLC addresses Kanye sacfificing his mother to illuminati and some ferocious tales of Church on the move.  

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LA Dancers Love Kidz in the Hall

This was sent over from a dance school in LA where many students have been creating routines using Kidz in the Hall records, most specifically Flickin and Drivin Down The Block 
Drivin Down The Block:

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Kidz in the Hall 'Grizzly Man' Video

Video for Grizzly Man off of The Professional Leisure Tour EP. The Kidz in the Hall are winning right now, especially after getting added to the Lollapallooza line up this summer.  Expect more videos to come from the Kidz as well.

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Kidz in the Hall feat Chip Tha Ripper & Donnis 'Fresh Academy' Video

Fresh Academy - Kidz in the Hall feat. Chip Tha Ripper and Donnis from Davy Greenberg on Vimeo.

The Kidz shot this while on the road in Cleveland a few weeks back.  Welcome to the Fresh Academy bitches!!!

Shot by Davy Greenberg 

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Photos: Crowd Control Tour in Dallas, TX

Also labeled: Donnis

The Crowd Control Tour made one last stop in Dallas before SXSW and here's a few photos from what went down after the jump... 

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Naledge: Oklahoma City Vlog

Also labeled: Naledge, Brainiac Affiliates

Naledge checks in before his show in Oklahoma City a few days back. Donnis and Naledge let y'all know, you can't even think about bringing Donnis to Chicago without calling Mr. Brain... Double 0 admires his locks (AGAIN) and the guys talk about Donnis' XXL cover and SXSW.
*Editor's Note* Usually the author on these posts is Naledge, but today it's the King... I'm sorry for the delay, I've been stuck in Memphis trying to get the homie Dre outta jail... If you don't know what crew loyalty is you might now. 

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Smoking Sessions With Kidz in the Hall

I myself am a TSS stan, so to see my homeboys Naledge and Double get that feature interview on my favorite blog is awesome.  I contemplated posting this when I first saw it on Thursday but I was hesitant because just re-blogging another blog's interviews isn't really a normal thing. In the end I decided that it was a must that I post at least part of it, so what I'm going to do is post the intro to the interview verbatim and then leave the link for y'all to click over and read at The Smoking Section, because they deserve their hits...


Actual intelligence is an undervalued aspect in Hip-Hop. The art of fabrication, or artificial intelligence however, seems to dominate a listener’s perspective and conception of the culture. As an artist, you’re allegedly supposed to uphold certain guidelines as to maintain the characteristics of actually being an artist. But what if you’re able to see the gray area and highlight the color associated it with it? Then you’re probably a member of Kidz In The Hall.

Not even a half a decade in the game, Jabari “Naledge” Evans and Michael “Double O” Aguilar have been extremely productive; brandishing their stamp on Hip-Hop with undeniable creativity and choosing to set trends opposed to following them. But how well do you know the MC/producer tandem that has become independently international off the strengths of their own merits? Read along as they discuss the reality of deciphering fictionious cosmos with their third album Land Of Make Believe, Naledge’s mission is not to be lost in “the in crowd” and how Double O is a perfectionist without even acknowledging it.

“Tell me what you ‘Flickin” like…” 

Peep the Interview @ The Smoking Section 


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Kidz in the Hall 'Introlude' One Shot Video

Also labeled: Naledge

Nah Right & Restless films present a ONE SHOT video of Kidz in the Hall's 'Introlude' off the newly released Kidz LP The Land of Make Believe. The Video was directed by Court Dunn and it evokes memories of HBO's Taxi Cab Confessionals.

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Tomorrow: Kidz in the Hall @ The Bassment 8th Yr Anniversary

Tomorrow night The Kidz in the Hall will be taking the stage with some of Chicago's premier talent for the Bassment's 8th Anniversary Party @ The Green Dolphin. The party has 4 performances and quite a few DJ sets... Details are on the flyer & The Kidz In The Hall are expected to hit the stage at 12:15, so make sure you're there.

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Kidz in the Hall x Fooch 'Drivin Down The Block' Live in Iowa

Also labeled: Fooch

Kidz in the Hall are on the Crowd Control tour right now so we figured we'd let y'all in a little secret.  Naledge loves to pull his friends on stage for some shine during Kidz shows.  He's pulled up Daytona to the stage already once on this tour in New York and the folks in Cleveland should definitely look out for a guest appearance at Peabody's tomorrow night.   In this clip Brainiac Society compadre Fooch and his band the PAC join the Kidz to rock 'Drivin Down' the block.
Buy Crowd Control Tour Tickets NOW!
Buy The Kidz in the Hall LAND OF MAKE BELIEVE in stores TOMORROW!

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A Look into The Land of Make Believe Part 1

Kidz in the Hall Chicago Listening Session pt 1 from Brandon "N2ition" Riley on Vimeo.

Part 1 from Fake Shore Drive's video series which came from a closed doors listening session of The Land of Make Believe in Chicago. 

Part 2 coming soon.

The Land of Make Believe is in stores March 9th 

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Naledge Talks New Single, KITH Don't Crash...

Words courtesy of the esteemed DJ Roosevelt Treasurechest 

As Kidz In The Hall get ready for the release of their new album, The Land of Make Believe, we have some info for you regarding the LP's next single, "Take Over The World".  The song features Colin Munroe and Just Blaze, and is an inspiring song with a big chorus, and "lighters in the air" vibe.  Naledge told us a little something about the song at the listening session he hosted (listen to some tracks here) a few weeks back.  He said,

"It's basically a triumphant record.  It's kind of like saying, you have some things going for yourself, but we can take this bigger... we can be bigger than anything we've ever dreamed of.  We can actually take it further.  This song is the next single, and it's pretty self-explanatory.  If you want to take over the world, this should be your theme music."

In other KITH news, they will be performing at our SXSW event Castlemania (more info coming soon), and kick off their tour with Donnis and 88 Keys the 28th.  Before hitting the road on tour, they hit the road with Vibe to test-drive a new Ford Taurus.  Check out the video below.

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Crowd Control Tour!


Kidz in the Hall x Donnis x 88 Keys x Izza Kizza: Crowd Control Tour! Click for confirmed dates!

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Kidz in the Hall x Entertainment Weekly

The Kidz have a new album coming out and the media is starting to buzz about the latest project. Entertainment Weekly's Simon Vozick-Levinson got the chance to catch up with the Kidz in Manhattan and discuss "The Land of Make Believe" 


Click For Articlie



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Double0 @ Super Bowl Pre-Party Kidz to MIAMI!!

Also labeled: Double 0

Words from Double 0 

Double-0 on the 1's and 2's in Miami on thursday... w/Vivica Fox, Eva Pigford and DJ Irie on the 1's and 2's FrontDP-MIAMIbackDP-Miami

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Land of Make Believe Cover Art & Track Listing

Land Of Make Believe

Yes... i know WE of all people are late with this post... but i had seen this art & track list a week ago and heard it wasn't totally official, and upon further review it may not be the absolute FINAL edit. Either way... Traffic is one of the best tracks I've heard in a minute. I've heard probably half of these joints, maybe a little more than half and I am confident in saying that this is the Kidz best album sonically. These guys are creating a very dope sound that is both new and wholly there own, I hope people enjoy this as much as I do.

1.) Intro

2.) Traffic

3.) Flickin

4.) Out To Lunch f/The Kid Daytona

5.) Bougie Girls f/Russoul

6.) Jukebox f/MC Lyte

7.) L_O_V_E

8.) Will II Win f/Marsha Ambrosius

9.) Take Over The World f/Just Blaze & Colin Munroe (co-produced by Just Blaze)

10.) Fresh Academy f/Chip Tha Ripper & Donnis

11.) Simple Life f/Amanda Diva

12.) Running f/Tim William

13.) Do It All Again (I Am)

14.) I Am (Reprise)

15.) Rise & Shine f/Russoul

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Naledge: NYC Update Blog

Kidz in the Hall 

We (Kidz in the Hall) have been very hard at work trying to record new music for you guys in NYC. Still, in the meantime between time we were able to go to see chip the ripper perform with Kid Cudi on the 21st at the Fillmore and also attend the "Love Helps for Haiti" event (with Donnis) at Stay Lounge...Shouts to Big Duke (SLAB Ent.) who told me, "Y'all must've been in the studio because I've never in my life seen YOU without a haircut!.".....lolol....Well, I got one Duke consider yourself to have seen something more rare than a comet... (click for pictures and an awesome message)

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Kidz in the Hall 'We Gone' VIDEO

Kidz In The Hall – We Gone from Motion Family on Vimeo.

one of my favorite tracks off 'The Professional Leisure Tour' gets the video treatment... CHURCH 

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Le Tour de Loisirs Professionelle

Professional Leisure Tour

Tis here... This shit right here! I'll let you decide for yourself, but this is one potent strain.

LRG x Kidz in the Hall 'The Professional Leisure Tour' 

Media /

Wholesale Crack!

Also labeled: Naledge

Kidz in the Hall

 We have 3 doses of new Music today. First Naledge dropped his "Pretty Girls" freestyle on us late Wednesday night and then immediately followed up with a "Today Was a Good Day" Freestyle tweeting "double o gon kill me...but this shit is so necessary..." and then this morning Kidz in the Hall unleashed the final leak off of their LRG FREE-EP The Professional Leisure Tour titled "We Gone" which has quite awesome artwork if you ask me. (Click for Songs and Artwork)

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Kidz in the Hall ft. Marsha Ambrosious 'All Night (Make Up Sex)'

Kidz in the Hall

Another track from the Kidz in the Hall Free EP The Professional Leisure Tour has been liberated today.  'All Night (Make Up Sex)' featuring the always pleasing sounds of Marsha Ambrosious' vocals is about exactly what the title entails... No beatin around the bush over here. (click for the song)

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Double 0 makes a cameo in Nola Darling's 'Step To Me' video

Also labeled: Double 0

So... you ever wonder what super-producers do in their downtime? Well, the homeboy Double 0 is getting his video hoe on in Nola Darling's 'Step to me Video' alongside Melo-X.  Nola Darling kicks the shit about relationships and what not as the Belizian Ric Flair makes ATM withdrawls in one of the girls 'fantasies'.
And lastly Drew (from Fake Shore Drive) does this qualify as 'Modeling Pictures'?
video via OnSmash!

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Behind The Scenes of "So Cold" Pt. 2 featuring U-N-I, CurT@!ns, Naledge, RTC

Naledge behind the camera, CurT@!ns and Double O getting tattoos, Thurz on the drum, and RTC being questioned... It's all in the second installment of behind the scenes footage from the recent Closed Session joint, "So Cold" featuring U-N-I, Hollywood Holt, CurT@!ns, and Million Dollar Mano.  Look for the song coming soon via Closed Sessions, check out the footage above from SoundScape Studios.
Words, Images and Video all from

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Akademiks/DJ Jays Interview with Kidz In The Hall, Skyzoo and Torae

Straight from the good folks at Duck Down.. another Kidz in the Hall (and more) interview!

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Video: Kidz in the Hall Live in Indianapolis

Footage from
Here's a little footy of the Kidz in the Hall live in Indianapolis while on the most recent leg of the neverending Professional Leisure Tour. Naledge and Double 0 just wrapped up their tour with Warren G, U-N-I, Lucc and Curt@!n$ this past weekend.  If you missed them this time around, make sure you keep checking and for updates on more live shows.

Media /

Kidz in the Hall 'The Grizzly Man'

Grizzly Man

First leak off Kidz in the Hall's 'Professional Leisure Tour' project sponsored by LRG.

Kidz in the Hall 'The Grizzly Man' (DOWNLOAD NOW)

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Friday the 13th in Chicago!

Also labeled: Shows

Kidz x U-N-I

First things first, Kidz in the Hall x U-N-I x Warren G's tour stops in Chicago Friday night! Tickets are $20 and the Show is at the Metro. Doors open at 8 and the show should kick off around 9ish.  After the show mash out to Tonic Room.  Double 0 is spinnin with the homie DJ IZZO.

Double 0 x Izzo

Kiiiiiing Shiiiiiit

Media /

The Professional Leisure Tour: Nawlins... (The Beginning)

Also labeled: Dre Knoxville

Kidz on the Road: New Orleans... The Beginning from Brainiac Society on Vimeo.

Oh shit! Kidz in the Hall was back in New Orleans again this past week and we catch up with them walking through the French Quarter. Naledge does his own camera work as he, Double 0 and Knoxville wander through the N.O. There is more footage on the way of actual shows and all the random shit that may happen on tour, and this shit just started this past weekend.  Make sure you keep up with the Kidz, Curt@!n$, U-N-I, and Warren G on tour through, Twitter, and anywhere else on the web.

Blogs /

Naledge: From The Road

Also labeled: Naledge, Shows


Okay, I can't lie...I have been very much neglecting my blog but it has been for good reason...We did 3 shows at CMJ in New york city that went really well and we have now embarked on our tour with Warren G and UNI.  Funny enough, right before we left for tour the homie Curt@!n$  (twitter name: dopeboyc) asked if he could join the tour.  I told him that it wouldn't be glamorous in our 15 passenger van, that we didnt have any money to pay him for any dates and that he would have to contribute to gas money and hotel rooms.   Frankly, he just didnt give a now he is our other opener on the tour. (Click for More)

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It's a Photoshoot

Kidz In The Hall recently visited TONE's studio in New York to record an interview which also turned into a photoshoot... here's a quick look at some shots from TONE.





Visit and follow him on twitter.

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The Formal Kidz/Warren G/U-N-I Tour Announcement

Also labeled: Tour Dates

I know we've made previous posts about the tour... but we're reminding y'all one more time that Kidz in the Hall, Warren G and U-N-I are touring together now starting 10/30/09 in New Orleans, LA.  Sorry to the folks in Texas... there's always next tour! Also we have the tour dates on our side panel as they come. Now here is the formal tour statement from Duck Down
kidz tour
Kidz In The Hall are embarking on a 16-City Tour with U-N-I and Warren G.

The group has completed their upcoming album, LAND OF MAKE BELIEVE, in stores early 2010, and is ready to take the new music and growing catalog of records back on the road.

Be on the look out for Kidz In The Hall's upcoming video for "JUKEBOX" directed by BB GUN. The latest single off LAND OF MAKE BELIEVE will be available at iTunes and all other digital retail outlets on November 10th.

Kidz In The Hall - Warren G - U-N-I Tour Routing: 

10/27/2009  Austin  TX Emo's Alternative Lounge (Outdoors @ 603 Red River St, Austin, TX)

10/29/2009  Dallas  TX Granada Theater Dallas, TX (3524 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX)

10/30/2009  New Orleans LA House of Blues (225 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA)

10/31/2009  Nashville TN  Haunted Valley Festival

11/03/2009  Charleston SC Music Farm (32 Ann St, Charleston, SC)

11/04/2009  Asheville NC The Orange Peel (101 Biltmore Ave, Asheville, NC)

11/05/2009  Charlotte NC  Amos' (1423 S Tryon St, Charlotte, NC)

11/06/2009  Brooklyn NY The Music Hall of Williamsburg (66 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY)

11/10/2009  New York NY The Bowery Ballroom (6 Delancey St, New York, NY)

11/12/2009  Indianapolis IN The Vogue (6259 N College Ave, Indianapolis, IN)

11/13/2009  Chicago IL The Metro - Chicago (233 S Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL)

11/14/2009  Madison WI Majestic Theatre (115 King St, Madison, Wisconsin)

11/16/2009  Council Bluffs IA Whiskey Road House (2701 23rd Ave, Council Bluffs, IA‎)

11/18/2009  Boulder CO   Fox Theatre (1135 13th St, Boulder, CO)

11/19/2009  Ft. Collins CO Aggie Theatre (204 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO)

11/20/2009 - Aspen, CO  Belly Up (450 S Galena St, Aspen, CO‎ )

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Kidz in the Hall Interviews!!!

We got 2 new Kidz in the Hall interviews for y'all... one from CDR, which we gave you Naledge and Chip's freestyle footage from last week, and another from TONY.  First lets start with CDR...

"Shine Travis talks to Kidz in the Hall about their upcoming projects, Land of Make Believe, The Professional Leisure Tour, Duck Down, their recording process, and J.Introvert asks about the story behind Double 0’s hair. We also start off with Naledge getting his own CDR behind-the-scenes footage."

 Props to Nahright on the video

Secondy we bring you Kidz in the Hall live at Time Out New York...

more about "Kidz In The Hall Are Standin' On Sofa...", posted with vodpod

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Better Recognize



*damn i just had a kanye blog moment*


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Duck Down CMJ Showcase!

Also labeled: Shows, Brainiac Affiliates

Duck Down Showcase!

The Duck Down Records Showcase at CMJ is only a little over a week away and TODAY OCTOBER 14th ONLY you can get the tickets at HALF THE PRICE. CLICK HERE to get Duck Down Records CMJ Showcase tickets HALF PRICE!

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More Kidz & Warren G Tour Dates

Also labeled: Tour Dates

Kidz in the Hall!

I have just been informed that Kidz in the Hall have MORE tour dates in store with Warren G and U-N-I on top of what was previously listed before... here are the new dates


11/12/2009  Indianapolis IN The Vogue 
11/13/2009  Chicago IL The Metro - Chicago  
11/14/2009  Madison WI Majestic Theatre  
11/16/2009  Council Bluffs IA Whiskey Road House  
11/18/2009  Boulder CO   Fox Theatre  
11/19/2009  Ft. Collins CO Aggie Theatre   
11/20/2009  Aspen CO  Belly Up    

(Click for previously posted Tour Dates and More!)

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Ruby Hornet Closed Session 'Fresh Academy' feat Kidz in the Hall and more

Also labeled: Brainiac Affiliates

The Homies from Ruby Hornet held a closed session for a track featuring Kidz in the Hall, Chip Tha Ripper, Mikkey Halsted and Donnis.  This is what DJ RTC said about the closed session "The third installment of Closed Session takes us to the "Fresh Academy".  Holding office hours is the dynamic faculty of Chip Tha Ripper, Naledge, Mikkey Halsted, Donnis, and Double O.  There's really not much more to say.  Enjoy the track and video below, recorded live at SoundScape Studios."

Closed Session: "Fresh Academy" featuring Naledge, Chip Tha Ripper, Mikkey Halsted, and Donnis (prod. by Double O) from Ruby Hornet on Vimeo.

To listen to and download the song visit Ruby Hornet ASAP!

Lastly... peep myself The Contraband King, Knoxville, and the SLABUP crew in the video as well.

News /

Kidz in the Hall jump on the road with Warren G

Also labeled: Tour Dates

Kidz in the Hall

Yeah.. you read that right, The Kidz will be on the road with Warren G from October 27th through November 10th. Make sure to check for tickets in your respective cities and show some love to the Kidz in the Hall as well as the Regulator Warren G.


10/27/2009  Austin  TX Emo's Alternative Lounge (Outdoors) 
10/29/2009  Dallas  TX Granada Theater Dallas  
10/30/2009  New Orleans LA House of Blues  
10/31/2009  Nashville TN  Haunted Valley Festival  
11/03/2009  Charleston SC Music Farm  
11/04/2009  Asheville NC The Orange Peel   
11/05/2009  Charlotte NC  Amos'  
11/06/2009  Brooklyn NY The Music Hall of Williamsburg  
11/10/2009  New York NY The Bowery Ballroom 


Media /

Duck Down 'Download the Right Thing'

This summer I had the honor of meeting Dru Ha, albeit briefly, at the Rock The Bells stop in Chicago. He's quite the cool dude in my opinion, and on top of that he's an ILL DJ and according to Naledge one hell of a boss. Duck Down features some of the most talented artists in hip-hop history as well as a slew of up and coming rhymesayers. I am honored to bring to you Duck Down's 'Download the Right Thing' mix CD. This is what Duck Down has to say about the project...(click for more)

Media /

The Comeback Show Footage

Footage via of the Kidz in the Hall and The Knux show in New Orleans last Thursday September 3rd.  

Media /

Kidz in the Hall 'Jukebox'


The Kidz drop their newest single "Jukebox" as a birthday gift from Naledge to his loyal Kidz in the Hall fans. Jukebox has an old-school break beat feel to it which should easily lend itself to dancers and breakers everywhere. The Kidz new album may have been pushed back to February of 2010, but be on the lookout for a new mixtape out in October. (click for more)


News /

Kidz In The Hall in New Orleans


Kidz in the Hall and The Knux will be at The Howlin' Wolf in New Orleans with DJ EF Cuttin and more this Thursday September 3rd.  The doors open at 8pm and tickets are $18 at the door and $15 with a college ID.

More info about The Knux at

News /

Sorry For the Delay...

The album has officially been pushed back 2 weeks to October 27th, sorry for the delay but we promise it will be well worth the wait. In the meantime buy the new single "Flickin"on iTunes NOW.

 Remember people: October 27th is the new release date for The Land of Make Believe.

News /

Kidz In The Hall Update: What You Flickin' Like?

Kidz in the Hall Shoot

What you flickin' like? That's the new question asked in the new Kidz in the Hall single titled Flickin'... and the answer is the Kidz are flickin' crazy in this photoshoot for their new album.  I was at the shoot with the Kidz and Rubyhornet's own Virgil Solis to get some behind the scenes iPhone photos, so please excuse the blur. At the end of the post you can stream Kidz's Flickin' for a bonus.

Kidz in the Hall album Photoshoot

Kidz Shoot 3Kidz Shoot 4Kidz Shoot 6Kidz 6Kidz 7

and finally Naledge is flickin hard right here...

Naledge LV

Kidz in the Hall 'Flickin'

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